Thermo stabilization box

•Stable temperature will help to get better experimental results as the temperature drift will be minimized.
•This can be especially important when measured molecule size is small and useful signal is getting close to the noise level.
•Temperature stabilization will reduce fluctuation due to changes in ambient temperature.

thermo stabilization box


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Thermo stabilization box reduces the temperature related drift


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System Specifications

Work chamber inner dimensions
11.81 x 8.27 x 6.69 in
300 x 210 x 170 (height) мм
13 L
Temperature stabilization range relative to the temperature of ambient environment
-5..+10 oC
Operational range
+35…+104 oF
+2…+40 oC
Temperature set step
0.1 oC
Max temperature deviation (from set temperature)
1 oC
Packaging dimensions
390 x 290 x 300 мм
8.8lbs (4 kg)