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About NanoSPR Devices

Our company provides optimal solutions Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technique since 1998. We offer measurement equipment for small laboratories and universities. Our SPR- devices are based on unique optical surface sensing technique that is responsive to refractive index changes that occur within the vicinity of a sensor surface (thin gold film). Thus, SPR can be used to monitor any physical, chemical or biological phenomenon, which alters the refractive index at the surface and has grown into a versatile technique used in variety of applications. This method is especially interesting for biosensing because of ability to measure real-time biomolecular interactions. Our SPR devices allow to run experiments in liquid or air environments. For electrochemical in situ measurements SPR device can be used with any potentiostat. NanoSPR has two or eight optical channels and additional channel for electrical measurements; it requires a computer with USB port and comes with set of accessories (gold-coated plates, cuvettes). We provide free phone / e-mail support and one year warranty. Training or collaboration on scientific projects is possible on special request. Our equipment distinguishes from similar SPR – devices by low price, universality. Our devices are installed in laboratories in USA, England, Spain, Germany, Russia, Italy, Israel, Poland, Brazil and France. Selected articles, based on NanoSPR measurement results you can be found in publications section.

Also, our company offers the wide range of a high quality Au coated glass plates for SPR or another biochemical measurements (SEIRA and others) for reasonable price.